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No Regrets, Coyote has moved!

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i heart this blog: kariusbaktus.

Karius Baktus is the visual journal of Danish designer Mads Burcharth.  I adore the simplicity of the design, the photographs appearing upon scrolling, and the muted color palette.  Will definitely be coming to this site more often!

sights of taormina.

we did more than just eat in taormina. here’s a look at the surrounding town, high in the mountains of sicily.

italian living.

eating pasta in taormina, sicily.

Let’s be honest – I sampled many different kinds of pasta while in Italy.  Maybe too many.  Between visiting Rome and Sicily, and then the Emilia Romagna region, there were too many specialities to pass up.  The pasta I had in Taormina, Sicily, however, trumped all of the others.  Entering the main piazza, surrounded by tourist traps featuring outdoor seating and larger-than-life pictures of pizza, we traveled up a set of unassuming stairs where we discovered Ristorante al Duomo, a Michelin Star restaurant overlooking the square from a quiet terrace.  The compact menu featured perfectly al dente pastas, paired with sweet sauces – from ragu to spicy tomato to anchovy with broccoli rabe with breadcrumbs.  And to top it all off, the best cannoli I’ve ever eaten – the freshest ricotta filling sprinkled with sage-green bits of pistachio, a speciality of the region.  Mouth-watering photographs ahead…

Ristorante al Duomo

Vico Ebrei, 11 – Piazza Duomo, Primo Piano (First Floor)

98039 Taormina, Sicily



revisiting st. peters, rome.

after seven years, i recently revisited my old neighborhood, down the street from st. peters in rome.

this time, i tried to capture pieces of the area that i hadn’t noticed before.


faces of italy & croatia.

i just returned from two weeks in italy, montenegro & croatia.  coming back to rome after living there nearly seven years ago was like seeing it with completely new eyes.  the food, the scenery… it all stuck to my soul like pasta to my ribs.  but the faces of these people were the thing i couldn’t stop photographing.

they are the soul of this region, no doubt about it.







kennedy & julian, pigeon & mabel: last night in nyc.

kennedy and julian have been such great friends to me (and continue to be!) – but from a bit of a distance. a couple of weeks ago, they picked up their pups and their eames chairs and set south to DC. dyshaun and i interrupted their packing to celebrate with champagne and skinny girl margaritas on their well-missed terrace. love and miss you both already. xx



wedding: carolyn & brad

a few months ago, i was asked by an old friend from high school to photograph her wedding. having no experience in weddings but a little in engagement photos, i decided to give it a shot and immediately called my friend melissa for help. we had an absolute blast at the wedding and got some amazing shots. here’s a sneak peak of the bride and groom (they haven’t even seen it!)